Akhila Chandra Padhi
Hello Friends. From my childhood I respect my parents, my language, my mother land and my religion. This is perhaps the same with every one. But in this process, I don't believe what ever I heard, or what ever is written in books. Nor I am mad of praising something which is bad.
On the last day of my college, one of my teacher said, "there is nothing in this world, that you can say is good or bad all the times. Its the situation that makes it good or bad."

Another teacher described it in a different manner. He said a small story. Once in a village there were two brothers. The elder brother being very cruel to his family, always drunk, would used to fight with his wife and children. On the other hand, the younger brother was very kind and good to his family.

One day a village man asked the elder brother reason of such behavior. He blamed his father for every thing. Said, his father used to do all these with his mother and himself and his brother. So what ever he do, now he could not change his attitude.

The village man asked the asked the same question to the younger brother. He replied the same, but at the end he said, looking at the bad that happened to his mother and his elder brother, he has decided never to be bad to his family.

This is attitude. from the same land you will find sugarcane and chilli. It depends on you (the seed).