Akhila Chandra Padhi
In my previous three posts, I have discussed about varnashram Dharma of Vedas and how the political system of the world are influenced by Sanatan Philosophy.No body could ever proved any of these wrong. Now a days I am facing questions regarding the philosophy of Karma and re-birth.Let me share information regarding the theory of re-birth and Karma-1. As per the Sanatan Philosophy, three things are eternal viz. Paramatma, Atma and Prakriti. 2. All have a distinct role to play.3. Like Paramatma and Prakriti, Atma can neither be created, nor can be killed.4. It can be transfered from one body to another.5. Every Atma has some distinct character.6. The Atma will get a body that best suits its character, e.g. if the characters of an Atma are similar to a dog, what ever he may be in this birth, in the next birth he will get body of a dog.7. How ever Atma can change its character, but can not reduce the characters to NIL, e.g. an atma who has the character of a dog today, with good practice, can change its character similar to human, in the next birth the atma will get a body of human. But there will remain some character, it can not be NIL.8. In this way, when the Atma replaces all its bad characters (said as tama guna or black characters in Vedas) into good characters (said as Satva Guna or bright characters in Vedas), the Atma will get closer to paramatma.9. Reaching the Paramatma will end its journey. Last night a man named Vivek Sharma asked me to show proves how this philosophy is followed every where. According to his words, nobody even belief on re-birth. And science has proved there is no after life.I could not stop my laughter when I heard science has proved there is no after life. I simply replied him, science never proved, but gives hint. Which must pass through many phases till it is in a form to be argued. After a long argument, if it passes through all questions, then we can say it is proved.But my point is very clear, I said Sanatan Philosophy is followed by every one, when I say every one, I always say its the nations, the constitutions that follow the Sanatan Philosophy. Following and believing are different. People don't agree, but they are supporting the theory of Karma. The judiciary system of all civilised nations is based on the theory of re-birth and karma. Now check it out - 1. Based on your character, you will involve yourself in either crime or betterment of your life.2. If you are involved in any crime, you will get punishment more reasonable for the crime committed by you3. The Punishment will not be till death (capital punishment is not good as per Vedas, and many nations also accepted this view. So there will not be a punishment for ever. Although in some parts of the world including India, capital punishment is prevailing, steps are taken up world wide to wipe out capital punishment)4. After completion the term of punishment, one is discharged of all past deeds, and given new life to live in the society.5. Based on his nature of crime, and his behavior, society gives him a chance to accept a profession he deserves. Thus the theory of Karma and re-birth followed.

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