Akhila Chandra Padhi
When I read and hear some people saying that the so called Hinduism (which I say the Sanatan Philosophy ) is loosing its importance, I cant stop myself laughing a loud, as I see the Sanatan Philosophy is followed every where  on this earth. And I believe, if there were any aother land like earth, the principles would have been followed there too. I am not saying it is followed by some individuals privately, it is followed by all the Governments. And the countries those are not following this philosophy are charged of violance of Human Rights, may it be the Arabian Countries or some part of Pakistan. Mind it, the Government of Pakistan too follows the Sanatan philosophy.Before I say How, lets know what is Sanatan Philosophy.It is a philosophy mentioned in Vedas, the oldest available writings by human. It says human should follow Varnashram Dharma. That means, there will be four classes of people based on their internal qualities and qualifications, and four stages of life based on the age. The Goverment of India however says that the Varna is derived by birth, but as per Vedas, and as said by Bhagban Krishna in Srimad Bhagabat Geeta, varna is known from the gunas or internal quality of a human. Now lets see, is it followed every where or not - 1. All the human from the age of 6 to 18 go to school and are expected not to engage in any relation  - said as Brahmacharya Ashram in the vedas2. All the human after the age of 18 allowed to work to earn livelihood, get married, get children - said as Grihastha Ashram in Vedas3. All the person above the age of 60 are retired from any services - said as Banaprastha Ashram in Vedas. Although this Ashram says that at this age people should move towards forests, but it is not compulsory, it is the will.4. All people above the age of 60 spend much of their time chanting the name of God, and during the very old age, the left everything - said as Sanyas ashram in Vedas.The the very essentials of the Vedas are followed by all human on this earth, whether the are born in India or not, whether they worship the form of Deities as mentioned in Vedas or not. Now the Varna..1. In every country there are Teachers and Preachers and Social Activist who fight for human rights and suggest the rullers about the good and the bad - said as Brahmana by the Vedas2. In every country there are rullers, army, police judges  - said as Kshatriya by the Vedas3. In every country there are people who are engaged in various profession and vocation to earn their livelihood - said as Baishyas by the Vedas4. In every country there are a sort of people, who are bad in studies, who remain dirty in their appearance, they eat almost every thing, even the human flesh if allowed, they are ready to do any kind of work for money even adultery and prostitution  - said as Sudras in Vedas.This is the only conflicting fact when I read the Vedas, Upanishads and the true color in India. In any of the Vedas, no profession has been classified as of Sudra. Only one vocation is said of  a sudra very often, and that is of a Chamar, meaning people who remove and sale the skin of an animal. But interestingly, the Brahmans and Brahmacharies who are considered as the best are asked to wear a Deer skin. It means they are sudras too. Now a days we see, ther Sceduled Castes, Sceduled tribes, Other Backward Castes in India. I don't understand how they were originated. As per the law of this land, a child of a brahman will be a brahman, kshatriya will be a kshatriya, but no such reference found in Vedas.But one thing that is to be appreciated that, even though the Government of India classified the people by way of Birth, the words of Vedas are followed, that to be a lawer or teacher you need qualification, not birth from a teacher.So we saw that the Varnashram Dharma is followed by every body in this earth. So directly people are following Vedas, even if the say it on not.What I meant to say is that, what ever happens on this earth is the wish of God, the Supreme soul, who narrated the Vedas during the early days of Human civilization. For some time Asuras get into power and destroy all the good things on the earth. But, believe on the words of God as he said, he will come to earth again to save us. 
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