Akhila Chandra Padhi
In my previous blog, I have sited the proves how the very basic philosophy of Vedas are adopted by the world at large. Now I will give some more concepts of Sanatan Philosophy that are followed by the world.1. Both the Abrahamic Religions (Islam and Christianity) says that if some one is not accepting the fact that the God is the only God as mentioned by their prophets (Allah or Jesus as the case may be) shall be put to death. Where as the Sanatan Philosophy Says, there exists many Sampradays (Religions), all follow a different path, all call the Paramatman (Word that may be replaced by God, but there is no word similar to this in any other language) in different names, but ultimately they call the Parmatman, and all the paths lead to the Paramatman. So there is always a right of the people to argue on any path and any name. This is not a crime.Now see which philosophy is followed ? All most all the nations are following Secularism, that means to respect all the religions, that restricts blasphemy, that allows people to argue on God, and that allows people to follow any religion they like. 2. Both Islam and Christianity say images can not be worshiped. Both the religions say no body can draw the image of God. Islam goes a ahead and says nobody can even draw the images of the Holy Prophet. The reason is not addressed in these two religions, but the reason is said in Vedas, it says The Paramatman has no Image (Nirakar - NiH Akar - NiH means Not, Akar means Akar). Now some thing that has no existance how it can be drawn ? So no body can draw the Images of The Paramatman, It means even if some body tries to, he can not draw the images. Its some thing like to draw the images of human living on Sun. No body can do so, if ever he does, its just imaginary, not the actual. But Sanatan Philosophy never imposes any penalty for an attempt to draw images. Where as both Christianity and Islam fixed a death penalty for making an attempt to draw the images. Now some one will argue what are the images found in temples ? They are images of Devatas. The equivalent word for Devata is not available in any other languages. So people must learn a new word here. Devata are the natural forces, Heavenly bodies etc. They control and influence our life in many ways, but they are controlled by the Law of Nature, the Law of Paramatman. Every body knows how the sun looks like, every body knows how the moons looks like. So these can be drawn by any one. People may argue again, How can one draw the Imagaes of Vishnu, and Shiva. They are devata too. Our ancient saints had seen them. They knew how they were looking like, hence they could draw their images. Any thing you see can be drawn. The word "can" means the ability. Now lets see whether this philosophy is followed or not.Muslims keep the images of the Holy Mosque of Mecca and Madina with them. Christians draw the images of Jesus, and all other angels. But there is no death penalty fixed for them by any constitution of the earth. So one can draw what he sees, commonly said as Right of expression, the very human right accepted by all the countries.3. Both the Islam and Christianity don't support the democratic form of Government. Where as the Sanatan philosophy says, there must be a king in every kingdom, and the must be one who is accepted by all. There are many examples in the Vedas and Puranas, where the Kings left the position and left the kingdom, because people did not accept them as a king. Kalinga (Situated on the East Coast of India. Now a days known as Odisha or Orissa) was a democratic country. (The democracy was lost when Ashoka invaded kalinga). And we know it that even some countries that say their National Religion is Islam are democratic countries.4. Both Islam and Christianity imposes death penalty for the Scientists who find any theory that negates the theories put in the Holy Books. Example Gallilio. But Sanatan Philosophy says there is no end to knowledge. One should explore more and more to bring the truth. Even if some body found some thing contrary to the Vedas, were not put to death, they became great saints, like Shankarachary, Bhagban Budha, Bhagban jain. This Sanatan Philosophy is followed every where, and makes new inventions every day. many times they proved how the words of all the religious books (I said all, not of any particular) contain some sort of errors. There are a number of examples more that shows how the Philosophy mentioned in Vedas are prevailing on the earth. This is because, Vedas are the words of the Paramatman.

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