Akhila Chandra Padhi
In my previous two blogs I have shown some proves to show how the Sanatan Philosophy is followed arround the world. One friend (whom I don't know personally) commented that the basis of Sanatan Philosophy is not followed any where. He pointed out how idol worship is followed ?

Well, a very good point. But this philosophy is also followed by all the nations across the globe.

For that we have to understand what are the idols or what so many gods and goddesses are meant for. According to Hindu mythology, Supreme is the Supreme Soul or the Purusha (not to be confused with male, as in the pronouns used in Vedas treat it as neuter gender. viz. om tat sat). He created every thing. He is nothing but the truth. He created many Lokas (lands like the Earth, Heaven, Hell etc), he created Brahma to create the nature, Vishnu to to maintain the nature and Shiva to destroy which is not necessary. He created Yam raj to judge the people and award them either hell or heaven. He created the Sun and the planets, he created the stars. He created the air, water, rain. He created the seasons. 

We people go to respective god for which he was created. For example, in case of short rain fall, we worship Indra to give us rain, instead one can worship Brahma or paramatman.

Now, the compare this with the prevailing system on the earth. Every country has a constitution, which is nothing but the truth. Constitution created all legal bodies. It creates the Parliament to create the legal system, it creates the system to run the legal systems, it creates the system to review and change the legal systems, it creates the Jails, it creates Courts to adjudicate the crimes and award punishment.

The Philosophy of Vedas is that every country should run as the paramatman runs the universe. Instead of arguing and giving every thing to find a mistake in Vedas, people should give every thing to paramatman to give liberation from bondage of births.

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